The Public Interest, Gender Equality & New Challenges program focuses on bridging the gap between public institutions and constituents via the promotion of principles of good governance, such as institutional transparency and public accountability.

D4D works to encourage public institutions to improve their governance standards and create space for public discussion and citizen involvement in holding these institutions accountable. Within the public interest realm, D4D strives to raise awareness of the importance of wider public participation in decision-making, through advocacy and voicing the concerns of marginalized groups. Tackling the constraints and opportunities women face in advancing women-friendly positions that promote and sustain women’s policy leadership and substantive representation of women, is yet to be achieved.

Dialogue & Regional Cooperation

26 November 2021 Charles King

How do you assess the first the first six months of the Kurti Goverenment?

When do you think KFOR troops will leave Kosovo?

Dialogue & Regional Cooperation

22 September 2021 Bodo Weber