Social Security Fund: Financial Coverage of Parental Leave

30.11.2021 Instituti D4D

The purpose of this study is to review the modalities and the sustainability of a Social Security Fund, which would be used to cover maternity leave and parental leave. Protecting the income of young parents is a topic which has attracted considerable interest over the last decade. In particular, entitlement to maternity allowance aims to ensure income for a working mother before and after the birth or adoption of her child. Entitlement to maternity allowance contributes to maternity entitlements with other constituent elements, such as: maternity leave, medical benefits, workplace health and safety, employment protection, non-discrimination, and breastfeeding at work provisions. This report focuses on the analysis of modalities for coverage of maternity leave and parental leave.

The key points of discussion in this report are the official and unofficial reports prepared in recent years focusing on the establishment of a Social Security Fund and parental leave. The analysis of these documents will help draw recommendations for the design of an affordable scheme for social welfare and parental leave, which would be in line with the recommendations of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the EU Parental Leave Directive.