Training: Youth Engagement for Advocacy


This weekend, the D4D Institute held a two-day training on the topic: “Youth engagement for advocacy”, where more than 20 young people from the Municipality of Suhareka, Istog, Kamenica, Skenderaj and Lipjan participated.

Invited to start the training on the first day was Aurora Popova, Executive Director at the Debate Center.  Popova chose that firstly the youth to get basic information about what critical thinking is, in general, and its forms

Being aware that critical thinking is the opposite of regular, everyday thinking, the focus of the first day of the training, was to generate advocacy ideas, foster critical reasoning and creative thinking. After the participants received the necessary information, they were divided into groups, to work on identifying and solving different problems of the community in which they are part of, and they wish to bring changes.

Meanwhile, on the second day of the training, the youth had the opportunity to learn about the forms, methods and concepts of advocacy through the experience of Bekim Salihu, policy analyst. Also, working in groups, was part of the training on the second day, where the youth practiced these forms and methods of advocacy with some current topics, that they themselves proposed.  At the end of the training and practice, Salihu was satisfied that the youth were able to understand all advocacy processes and be ready to present accurately.

This training was organized with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports