Incentives for Accountability and Performance in Higher Education

This paper provides a number of propositions that, if adopted, would make higher education in Kosovo more competitive and responsive to the needs of the labour market. The Prime Minister’s National Development Strategy (NDS) for 2016-2021, published in January 2016, serves as the main inspiration for the propositions discussed herein. The NDS listed the development of Kosovo’s human capitol as an important pillar for economic development. Like the NDS, this paper aims to improve the capacity of the country’s human capitol, through better skills development and increased accountability in higher education. In addition, government funding of education must be adapted to incentivise universities to produce scientific research, and good work in general. These suggestions would improve the quality of universities output. For change to be effective, it must be self-propelled by those who seek to improve their own standing within the system. Each actor in the chain of governance must see the improvement of the higher education system as her personal responsibility.

This paper identifies the needs of the higher education system, and suggests possible regulation at three levels: (a) improvements in the primary legislation (Law on Higher Education), (b) improvements in the secondary legislation (university statutes, ministry regulations), or (c) policy level improvements (financing mechanisms).

Paper prepared with contribution by: Gulliuver Brady.