Roundtable discussion: “Electoral Justice: Photographing the ballot”


Democracy for Development Institute (D4D) has started series of regional meetings, focusing on challenges identified during the 2017 electoral processes. The first discussion was held today in Prizren with the topic “Electoral Justice: Photographing the ballot”, where the participants discussed about the challenges and actions taken during and after the elections process. In the meeting it was noted that the photographing of the ballot, although in a low percentage, continues to be a phenomenon towards which needs to be worked still, especially in the aspect of voter education and informing them of the consequences that are intertwined with the encroachment of free voting decision, giving or taking bribes as well as the encroachment of voting secrecy.

The aim of today’s meeting was to further strengthen the cooperation between responsible institutions, that signed the cooperation memorandum for the electoral process (State Prosecutor, Central Elections Commission, Judicial Council of Kosovo, Electoral Complains and Appeals Panel, and the Kosovo Police), and the steps that need to be taken in the enhancement of electoral justice. In this meeting were also the representatives from political parties, Ombudsperson office and civil society organizations.

This discussion was organized within the framework of “Enhancement of Democratic Processes in Kosovo”, supported by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of the Swiss Confederation, through Embassy of Switzerland in Kosovo, implemented by Democracy for Development Institute (D4D).