‘Agora’ discussions about labor mobility


Today, D4D, initiated a series of Agora discussions with the thematic of labor mobility. Throughout the discussion constantly it was highlighted that the perception does not fit the reality of living abroad, and investing in honing your skills that ought to be used in Kosovo is more beneficial than an ordinary job abroad. Acquiring skills is beneficial in each country, and the opportunities to do so in Kosovo exist. Jehona Gjurgjeala, Liza Gashi, and Fatmir Salihu shared their experiences to answer the question of whether it is worth it to live and work in Kosovo. The speakers showed that merely going abroad is not enough to develop yourself, and rancor is not always enough to improve the situation. Circular migration, or labor mobility, are not necessarily harmful. Jehona Gjurgjeala and Liza Gashi, both having spent time abroad, explained their journey, and how they always saw themselves coming back to Kosovo. Fatmir Salihu, through the scholarship program, has witnessed many young men and women who have studied abroad come back and become success stories in Kosovo.

This activity is supported by GIZ/DIMAK