Information Disorder: Its impact on the information of citizens


As a follow-up to the monitoring of online portals and social networks, D4D presents its report for the third quarter or the fourth report overall. Last year, D4D launched its first report,1 after monitoring the election campaign and run-off elections in Kosovo, while early this year the first quarter report (Q1) was launched2, by monitoring online portals and social networks in the period October-November and December 2021. This year, the monitoring of news items was done for the months of January-February-March, in which case D4D launched its second quarter report (Q2), after monitoring online portals and social networks. Hence, the present report is the third (Q3) on which D4D has been working, after monitoring articles published between April – May – June. This report also includes the monitoring of following categories: political divisions and harsh language, Covid-19, external influence, Special Court, Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, misogyny and online violence against women.

The feature of this report, as in the previous one, is the analysis of articles reporting on the conflict between Ukraine-Russia, specifically news items falling under the category of external influence. Both these categories of news were analyzed in two languages; Albanian and Serbian. What is characteristic of this report, resulting from the monitoring of online portals and social networks, are articles containing harsh language, hate speech and news with exaggerated headlines. This report also provides conclusions and recommendations addressed to news portals, political entities, media and citizens.