Annual report – Combating Hate Speech, Sexist and Racist Language


Since 2020, there has been an increase in hate speech on social networks. The rise in the use of social networks can be one of the indicators that prompted the increase of this phenomenon. As a result, in many different areas, an increase has been observed in disinformation, misinformation, sexist hate speech, racist hate speech, insults, foreign influence, and many phenomena that influence citizens and create false opinions but also cause political divisions.

The aim of this paper is to summarize the news in which hate speech or insulting language was used against persons with disabilities, LGBTI+ community, ethnic minorities as well as women, with a focus on potential reach and interactions on social networks.

A special feature of this report is that the news that have had the most potential reach and interactions in social networks will be presented visually, through screenshots of news that have had insulting content against the above mentioned groups. 

Observing the lack of response from the relevant stakeholders, either through legal intervention, or concrete actions by the media and persons involved in spreading this language, we have researched and analyzed hate speech and disinformation in the countries in the region, but also the actions undertaken in this regard by them. As a result, at the end of this paper, we have presented recommendations for the stakeholders, based on the local and regional research.