In March of last year, the Assembly of Kosovo did not pass in the first reading the Civil Code, which contained the article that would enable the registration of civil unions between persons of the same sex. Its adoption would convey the message that the highest legislative institution supports, protects and promotes the rights of […]

“The media is a joint criminal enterprise.” This sentence, at first reading, may seem to many to be just another sentence. But for communication experts, it means a lot. In addition to saying a lot, it also incites a lot. It incites a lot of hatred and a lot of slurs against journalists and the […]

What determines people’s destinies? The fable of the pot of gold encourages work, dedication, and consistency as three main factors which if followed produce the desired result – thus, working the soil year after year, we find the much sought-after pot of gold. From scholars and various scientific research from sociologists, psychologists, and experts in […]

Hate speech is a phenomenon that can be defined as threatening language or writing that expresses prejudice against a certain group. In Kosovo, there are many groups of society that are exposed to hate speech, such as women, feminists, the LGBTQI+ community, ethnic groups, and politicians. Intolerance, aggressiveness, and hate speech have become the most […]

Words have meaning and weight. Undeniably, the language we use to refer to people with disabilities has an impact, as it shapes our perception of the world. This language has evolved over time and terms that were commonly used a few years ago are no longer acceptable. It is therefore important to raise awareness of […]

Over the past decade, Kosovo has faced an increase in hate speech in its political discourse, with politicians using divisive and discriminatory language to achieve their goals. Hate speech is a form of verbal violence and any action that attacks a person or a group of persons based on race, ethnicity, religion, politics, disability or […]