After almost two years’ pause, the EU facilitated dialogue resumed on July 12 with a ‘telesummit’ for two delegations and EU dignitaries, followed by a physical discussion in Brussels on July 16 for Serbian President Vučić and Kosovo Prime Minister Hoti. The disruption of the joint US-EU policy on Kosovo over the last two years […]

Few new ideas are offered on how to overcome the current impasse. If there are any, they are advocated without much enthusiasm. One aspect of this collective resignation is that over the years a lot has been proposed only to be rejected; the other, that it is a complex issue asking for a “final comprehensive” […]

With fake news becoming easier to spread than verified information, we need to ask ourselves as journalists whether we will celebrate lies or facts. With the expansion of social media, humanity is confronted with its next challenge: access to credible and accurate data. In an era when receiving information relies on the reader’s activity and […]