Online and Social Media Monitoring of the September-December period


The D4D Institute today published the monitoring reports based on information disorders in online and social media for the September-December period.

Ambassador Nancy Soderberg, Senior Resident Director at NDI Kosovo, made an opening remark in the beginning of the conference, that emphasized the importance of monitoring the media and the cooperation of various organizations to combat the phenomenon of information disorder.

After the presentation of the main findings, the discussion continued with the panelists Ramadan Ilazi, Head of the Research at the Kosovo Center for Security Studies-QKSS, and Art Vula, Project Coordinator at the Youth Initiative for Human Rights-YIHR.

The discussion was held based in the narratives that dominated the media sphere during the months of September-December, which contained elements of hateful and inciting language and conspiracy theories that could endanger security in the country.

This report was prepared by the Democracy for Development Institute (D4D) within the project “Coverage and Understandability of the Information Disorder in Kosovo”, which is supported by NDI and USAID in Kosovo. The content of the document is the responsibility of the Democracy for Development Institute and in no way can be considered to reflect the position of NDI Kosovo.