Social Dialogue Workshop – World Café


In a different style, Democracy for Development (D4D) organized a workshop on the topic “Social Dialogue for Empowerment”, which was attended by more than 110 young people, men / women, representatives of trade union networks, chambers of commerce, business associations and civil society organizations. During this workshop, over 110 participants divided into five (5) groups, discussed ways of advocacy and the challenges of implementing a dignified work agenda, increasing youth and women participation in trade union networks and the labor market, as well as minimum wage.

In addition to the discussion, several recommendations were given in this workshop, such as:

  • Informing the youth and women about the role of trade unions and social dialogue
  • Sustainable campaigns regarding the social dialogue
  • The promotion of successful and positive examples where the needs of youth and women in social dialogue were addressed in order to build institutional trust
  • Dissemination of information on different channels to target all the different groups in Kosovo.

These recommendations and other recommendations presented in the workshop will be included in the manifesto document on social dialogue, which will be further advocated by the Social Economic Council (ESC) and other actors in strengthening social dialogue in Kosovo.