Roma Political School concluded


During October 5-7, 2022, Democracy for Development Institute (D4D) in collaboration with Voice of Roma, Ashkali and Egytipans in Kosovo, held the second academy within the Roma Political School. While the first part of this school had the purpose of enabling Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian youth to gain knowledge about the system and rules of democracy, the governance process, as well as the rights of non-majority communities in Kosovo, the modules of the second school were focused on training participants in effective communication public, critical thinking, as well as designing projects for community engagement.

On the second day of the Rome Political School, participants practiced their new skills in successful public speaking. Using critical thinking techniques, each and every participant presented their individual and group arguments for the community causes they want to advance. Moreover, part of the training was focused on the organization of formal meetings as well as the protocol to be followed concerning interactions with local and central institutions. These exercises have greatly influenced the participants to be ready to organize formal meetings as well as advocacy at the institutional level.

On the third and last day, participants were trained in project design and writing, including budget preparation. After that, in order to inform the participants of the school with the possibilities of financing their ideas for civic activism and individual businesses, but also to share with them her professional journey, we had the executive director of Help Kosova, Ms. Shqipe Breznica, in the workshop as a guest speaker.

At the end of the Rome Political School, the participants were certified for participation and had the pleasure of being addressed by the deputy head of the Rome and Travelers program at the Council of Europe in Brussels.

Roma Political School is supported by the Council of Europe.