Discussions for encouraging youth participation in the political processes


Democracy for Development Institute (D4D) has started a round of meetings with political party youth councils for the purpose of advancing the participation of youth and women in political and decision-making processes.

Aside from the youth and women participation advancement, these meetings purpose is to help the members of political party youth councils in capacity building.

As a result of this engagement, D4D so far has met with the representatives of all political parties. The representatives of Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), Social Democratic Party of Kosovo (PSD), Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK), Social-democratic Initiative for Kosovo (NISMA), Vetëvendosje (LVV) and New Kosovo Alliance (AKR), expressed their readiness for increased capacity building of youth, to be more active with the forums within the structures of the respective parties. During these meeting, there was a high spirit of youth readiness to work together with D4D to address issues that concern Kosovar youth, for which D4D is grateful.