Why has the interest in civic activism declined?

01.06.2018 D4D

On May 29 2018, D4D Institute held the next salon in the municipality of Mitrovica, with the topic “Why has the interest in civic activism declined?”.

The panel was composed of Mrs. Florentina Hajdari from Mundësia organiation, Mr. Lulzim Hakaj, from the 7 Arts & Kenan Beqiri from the CBM organization. The guest speakers discussed about the decline of interest in civic activism, by linking it with political activism. Society is convinced that every decision is taken from the central level, while the local level competencies are faded, due to the political circumstances in Mitrovica.

As well as the institutional problems, the panel have mentioned that another problem is the mentality created to citizens, who do not contribute as much as possible to their community, and are not well organized for the chaos that preoccupy them. What have countributet in demotivation of citizens, especially young people is the level of education, the education system, unemployment, the misuse of trust and the lack of cooperation. It was hightlighted that social society should cooperate closely with citizens to advocate and take initiatives.

The panelist called for improvement of these points where we stumble as a society.

This salon was moderated by Blerina Ukshini from the D4D Institute, which also has wrote the editorial.

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