What would you use Visa Liberalization for?


Visa liberalization enables free movement in the Schengen Area for up to 90 days (every six months). Visa liberalization does not enable employment, and/or living in the Schengen area states. Nor does it allow for education/training that exceed 90 days, without prior residence permit from the respective authorities. Nonetheless, D4D’s recent research, during March 2018, revealed that what the visa liberalization actually entails and what the citizens intend to use it for do not coincide. The research shows that 23.8% would use visa liberalization for employment, 11.8% for better education opportunities, and 5.9% to leave the country. The biggest portion (36.1%) would use visa liberalization to visit family relatives, and 21.8% for tourism. The information in regards to what visa liberalization actually entails should not only be available but also accessible and understandable for all citizens.



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