Two-year journey of the volunteerism and civic activism project


During the last two years, Democracy for Development (D4D) institute in partnership with George Williams Youth Association (YMCA in Kosovo) has worked to promote volunteerism and civic activism through the “Volunteerism for Development: Promoting volunteerism and civic activism in Kosovo” project, supported financially by the British Embassy, Pristina. Through this project we formed the incubator which currently has 17 grass root member organisations that in one way or another contribute in the development and promotion of volunteerism and civic activism.

Promoting volunteerism and civic activism in the whole of Kosovo was also greatly achieved through our grants scheme for small organisations and individuals with their modest and very successful projects. We also organized the first volunteers’ fairs in Kosovo, where the citizens had the chance to get to know more about the possibilities of their engagement as volunteers in various organisations that operate in Kosovo. Within the project we also gave the awards “Volunteer and Civic Activist of the Year” to individuals who with their volunteering contributed in the well-being of their communities.

For a better idea about the journey of this project, please see the infographic.


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