Youth Initiatives: How to develop and where to find support?


The local government, but also the central one, should be more careful when setting out priorities, especially in those that affect the realization of the needs of young people. Youth, as never before, should be stimulated in order to create a clearer vision of what they want to achieve in the future. In order for this to be accomplished, the cooperation between the youth and the municipality should be significantly more pronounced.

Moreover, during the discussion it was thoroughly addressed that new communication channels should be used in order to increase the cooperation with young people, and even to modify the methods that are currently implemented for information, such as the official website of the municipality. It was stressed that young people on the other hand, should express their interest in addressing the problems that trouble them. As a contribution to the discussion, panelists and participants had recommendations, specifying the need for more vocal self-confidence and willingness among young people, in order to utilize all opportunities and calls for further professional advancement of young people.

Part of the panel in this salon were: Agim Idrizi, Youth Officer, Directorate of Culture, Youth and Sports, Podujevë; Shemsi Jashari, Executive Director, Democracy Begins Here, Podujevë; as well as Leutrim Podvorica, Director, Leadership and Development (LAD), Podujevë. The salon was moderated by Shpend Sopa, NGO Ekovizion, while the editorial will be written by Arbenita Krasniqi, Project Coordinator, Kosovar Youth Council (KYC).

The Salon with a focus on the topic: “Youth Initiatives: How to develop and where to find support?” was held on 13th of December 2018, in the Municipality of Podujevë.

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