What are the mechanisms for stimulating the youth involvement in decision-making processes?


Youth is the future of the country, a phrase we have often heard. But how involved are they in the decision-making processes? More precisely, what are the mechanisms for stimulating them in these processes? In order to discuss these points, Tuesday Salon with the topic: “What are the mechanisms for stimulating the youth involvement in decision-making processes?” was held in the Municipality of Kamenica.

The cooperation, respect and equality are some of the virtues that characterize the youth of this municipality. During this discussion it was emphasized that everything starts from the engagement and willingness of youth to do good things for themselves and their country. New time requires new people and new changes in society. Therefore, what is required from youth is their energy and willingness to push things forward because they reflect and promote the values of the country.

One of the challenges stressed on this discussion was the lack of implementation of the Youth Law in practice, so the panelists emphasized the need that the youth should raise their voice and show that they have an active role in society. Only in this way they will be able to identify and address their needs.

Part of the panel in this salon were: Qëndron Kastrati, Mayor, Municipality of Kamenica; Natyra Kallaba, Theater Officer, Municipality of Kamenica and Doruntina Maliqi, Board Member, Local Youth Action Council (LYAC) in Kamenica while moderated by Elionita Rexhepaj, LYAC activist and member.

This salon is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

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