Economic Power(lessness) of  Women in the Labor Market in the Western Balkans


Regional Conference, where the research: Economic Power(lessness) of  Women in the Labor Market in the Western Balkans”, the research is made in the cooperation i partnering with Center for Research and Policy Making (North Macedonia), Institute for Strategic Studies and Prognoses (Montenegro), Gender Alliance for Development Center (Albania),  Foundation BFPE for Responsible Society (Serbia).

Rezarta Delibashzade Krasniqi has shown that the purpose of this research is to highlight the situation of the region when it comes to the women economic empowerment, institutional and social dimensions, as well as looking at the similarities where the regional countries stand on the legal frameworks and other mechanisms for equal gender inclusion.

Jens Erik Grøndahl, H.E Ambassador of the Norwegian Embassy in Prishtina, emphasized that we are living in difficult times nowadays, especially with the war happening in Ukraine, bringing financial crisis, which makes it more difficult for women and their economic situation because it is falling far way back. He highlighted that women make up 50% of our population, therefore our economy needs women to be active in the labor sector and use their potential in the economy.

Resul Makresh, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Finance, Labor and Transfers, has pointed out that up to 20% of businesses that are led from women, have been subsidized with loans and the scheme for parenting payment for kids and mothers where this policy gives the mother the control of both payments on their bank accounts, in order to ensure their financial independence. Many women are forced to quit their jobs because of their pregnancy therefore, by formalizing the economic measures gives women the opportunity to be more independent financially.

This conference is organized following within the project “Untapping Development: Increasing women’s access to employment” which is supported by the Norwegian Embassy in Pristina.