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Social Dialogue: Challenges and solutions of women and youth participation in labor market and syndicate networks!


With the participation of over 30 people, the D4D Institute has held the last salon in the seven series and in seven regions of Kosovo, under the project “Social Dialogue for Empowerment”. The host of this salon was the municipality of Gjilan. Together with the representatives of the municipality of Gjilan, members of the municipal assembly, representatives of forums of political subjects, trade unionists, professors and young people, the challenges and solutions of the involvement of women and youth in the labor market and trade union networks were thoroughly discussed. The use of new communication channels for informing young people about the role of vocational schools, advancement and involvement of women in trade union networks, institutional cooperation between trade unions, civil society and municipal and central institutions were the main topics that were discussed with the panelists. Encouraging young people to apply for vocational schools, whereas for young people and women for career orientation, changing the education system by focusing on labor market requirements, and adhering to the decent work agenda were some of the recommendations that emerged from this salon.

This salon was realized within the project “Social Dialogue for Empowerment”, supported by EYE – Enhancing Youth Employment.

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