What are Kosovo’s youth priorities: Formal education or employment?


Education, as a process, is functionally linked with society and its development. The lack of vocational training, the orientation towards formal education and as a consequence, inadequate qualifications for the labour market demands make the few existing job positions difficult to be covered by qualified persons. In this respect, the state of the economy, as well as the dynamics of everyday life, have an influence in seeking a new approach to education and training. Therefore, it is essential to organize various trainings for the purpose of providing knowledge, which later the young people could implement during their professional journey.

In Kosovo, there is a general perception that the main responsibility for economic development lies only within the central level. Based on the Law on Local Self-Government, the responsibility to create new job positions is shared with municipalities as well, although limited to some extent. As a result, special attention in this discussion was paid to municipality’s capacities in creating job positions, as well as the role of formal and informal education in the overall development of youth.

Generally, panelists and participants agreed on the crucial fact that non-formal education completes formal education. At the same time, the recommendation to intensify practices in educational spaces was specified, so that the young people of Kosovo are ready to be accessed with appropriate professional qualifications in the labor market.

The panel consisted of: Fejzë Kabashi, Director, Directorate of Labor and Social Welfare; Erolina Morina, ISDY Youth Organization, as well as Gylaj Shipkovica, Professor, Gymnasium “Gjon Buzuku”. The salon was moderated by Vjollca Gurgule, Youth Organization SHL Kosovo, while the editorial will be written by Valbona Musliu, Journalist.

Tuesday Salon, with a focus on the topic: “What are Kosovo’s youth priorities: employment or formal education?” was held on 5th of February 2019, in the Municipality of Prizren.

This activity is supported by GIZ/DIMAK

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