10 years of statehood: Are we grown enough to take decisions?

13.02.2018 D4D

Our weekly Salon, took on Tuesday on the topic: “10 years of statehood: Are we grown enough to take decisions?”

Opening remarks were delivered by: Ruairí O’Connell, British Ambassador to Kosovo and Venera Hajrullahu, Executive Director, Kosovar Civil Society Foundation – KCSF. During the discussion, panelists stressed that Kosovo was ready to take decisions since the time it declared independence. But over the years like any other newly formed state, it has faced many challenges during state building process. But what is recommended in the Salon is for leaders to work harder for the good of the citizens rather than for personal interests. Also, on the other hand, it is required that citizens should be more active and demanding results from their leaders. This is because citizens are not having consensus on issues where is needed.

This Salon was moderated by Arta Avdiu, Journalist, Kohavision the op-ed was written by Krenar Gashi, S’Bunker.


This grant is financed by the project Democratic Society Promotion (DSP) – financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (DANIDA) and managed by the Kosovo Civil Society Foundation (KCSF)

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