Development of Tourism Through Effective Policies and Legislations

13.07.2017 Isuf Zejna

The aim of this policy paper is to advocate tourism policy changes and establish the National Tourism Organization (NTO) by evaluating the current legal framework, providing incentives for improvement of the tourism sector, initiating an intensive and inclusive private-public dialogue, seeking to increase stakeholders’ awareness regarding tourism development, and ensuring buy-in from the Ministry of Trade and Industry to initiate the establishment of the National Tourism Organization.

The Law on Tourism and the Government’s Program 2015-2018 presents a framework and clear priorities for the development of tourism and promotion as well as a plan to improve infrastructure, development, and the promotion of rural and mountain tourism. Despite this legal framework and its various programs, they were insufficient when it comes to providing incentives to better promote the tourism sector in Kosovo. Lack of private-public dialogue and defects in terms of necessary physical infrastructure, marketing, and availability of appropriate human resources are the elements which hinder sustainable development of tourism.

D4D has organized five public hearings, in Gjakova/Đakovica, Peja/Peć, Prizren, Mitrovica and Sterpce/Šterpce, and held them in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders throughout Kosovo. In addition, a sixth public hearing has been organized in Pristina/Priština to present the preliminary findings. This paper provides a fair basis for an open deliberation amongst all stakeholders. All five public hearings were closely linked to their relevant ministry to ensure that the public hearings follow the most advanced rules. After each consultation, a report has been prepared with the recommendations compiled from all of the participants.

The English version of the paper was prepared with the editing contribution by: Anthony Jordan.