Tell us why you voted for this party/coalition?


Although it has been more than a year since the early parliamentary elections, the elections and trends that follow the electoral process remain among the most discussed topics in Kosovo. To find out the reasons why citizens voted for a designated party / coalition in the previous elections, the Democracy for Development (D4D) Institute has conducted a survey of 1070 citizens across the territory of Kosovo during May 2018. The question presented to the citizens was “Please tell us why you voted for this party?” and the possible answers to the inquiry were: a) For the leader; b) For the quality of the team; c) For the quality of the program; d) For commitments of interest to Kosovo; e) I am a member of that party; f) This party has the best candidate list; g) I know someone in that party; h) I have a family member in that party; i) The Party represents the interests of my region.

The sample for this survey was selected by random method. The data is processed and presented in graphs for the top three (3) parties / coalitions of the previous elections.

Find the graphs for LAA, LVV and PAN below.


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