Elected Municipal Assembly members in Local Elections 2013


One of the most important roles in the local government is that of the municipality assembly members, who represent the interests of citizens and stakeholders and push those interests in the assembly meetings.

In this infographic are five (5) municipalities (Prishtina, Prizren, Peja, Mitrovica and Gjilan), for which we presented the average age of the elected members of the municipal assemblies in the local elections of 2013, as well as the gender representation. The average age of the members in these five municipalities goes as high as 42.7 years of age, while the women representation in these five municipalities goes up to 34% of the total number of members, respectively 67 women and 129 men.

The results from this infographic shows a low trend of youth representation in the municipal assemblies from the local elections of 2013.


Parental leave model / Model roditeljskog odsustva

Total number of participants in activities / Totallno ucestvo u aktivnostima

Women’s in-activity in the labor market / Neaktivnost zena na trzistu rada