Comparison of the regional governments


This infographic presents the size of the regional governments while comparing them with that of Kosovo. The republic of Kosovo leads in the region by the number of ministries, with 20 of those plus one without portfolio, as well as by the number of deputy prime-ministers with five of them.

In 2016, in the salaries and benefits category in total all the ministries spent more than 225 million euros, thus creating an extraordinary burden for the state budget.

The split of the power among the political parties and coalitions to govern the state has made way for a gradual increase of the number of ministries from one mandate to another, by creating unnecessary governmental departments. Thus in proportion with the number of inhabitants Kosovo is ranked right after Montenegro, while in comparison with Macedonia that has nearly the same number of inhabitants, Kosovo has considerably more ministries.

Decreasing the number of ministries, restructuring and reorganizing of the ministries is a necessity to lighten the burden on the state budget and spare the public money.

With all the promotions on the inclusion of women by the leaders of the political parties, the results are minimal and inconsiderable. The government of the Republic of Kosovo lacks behind the regional governments also on the aspect of women inclusion in the government, with only two of them being assigned as ministers. In comparison with Albania, who in her government composition has 10 women ministers and one deputy prime-minister, Kosovo stands clearly behind.

(The data of the government of Albania is presented with the model of the previous government)


Parental leave model / Model roditeljskog odsustva

Total number of participants in activities / Totallno ucestvo u aktivnostima

Women’s in-activity in the labor market / Neaktivnost zena na trzistu rada