Civil Society calls MPs to ratify the Border Agreement with Montenegro


Prishtina, 5th of March 2018 – In last three years, the demarcation case with Montenegro almost paralyzed institutional life in Kosovo and every further delay will damage even more citizens and the process of European integration of our country.
Notwithstanding the difficulty of the process, political parties finally should be opened for the idea of cooperation and consensus, to end the isolation of the citizens. Kosovo citizens through the freedom of vote have chosen representatives from whom they want answers and representation of their interest. Ratification of demarcation without doubt will fulfill the irreplaceable condition for the road of Kosovo’s path towards Visa Liberalization.

We, civil society organizations, believe that the debate about the demarcation has been consumed and that concrete actions are needed to solve the situation, especially considering that now the Republic of Kosovo has available legal mechanisms to re-negotiate with Montenegro for improvements of the current agreement on the border line if it is proved that errors have been made in its determination.

Therefore, through this letter, we once again call on members of the Kosovo Assembly to ratify the agreement on demarcation of the border with Montenegro, solving a issue that has kept the Kosovo political scene tied for years, but also by marked progressive steps towards ending the isolation of the country’s citizens for free travel to Schengen countries.

Democracy Plus (D+)
Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI)
Kosovo Law Institute (KLI)
Democracy for Development Institute (D4D)
KIPRED Institute
Institute for Development Policy (INDEP)
Initiative for progress (INPO)
Lëvizja Fol
Lëvizja Çohu
Kosovar Center for Security Studies (KCSS)