Call for Volunteer and Civic Activist of the Year Award Nomination


Do you know someone that:

  • has shown commitment and served for the wellbeing of their community?
  • has helped for a better quality of life in their community?
  • has promoted goodness with his/her actions?
  • leads a volunteering organization, or through their organization they do volunteering activities?
  • is involved in various volunteering activities?

Or that:

  • has shown readiness for citizen activism?
  • has started initiatives for social, political, economic or living environment reforms?
  • has written in newspapers about obstacles or problems of their communities?
  • has called for citizen mobilization for the better of their community?
  • has called for citizen cooperation in fixing parks, neighborhoods, collective building entrances of their community?

Democracy for Development Institute (D4D) is pleased to invite you to nominate dedicated volunteers for the “Volunteer and Civic Activist of the Year Award”. The award ceremony is within the framework of the project  “Volunteering for Development: Promoting volunteering and active citizenship in Kosovo”, implemented in partnership with George William Youth Association (GWY), and supported financially by British Embassy in Kosovo.

The purpose of the Volunteer and Civic Activist of the Year Award is to showcase the work and commitment done by volunteers and civic activists in Kosovo, whose unselfish and dedicated service and civic activism has made a significant difference in their community.

How to nominate for awards?

Nominate an aspiring volunteer or citizen activists that you know by filling out the form at the link: while having in mind the points/questions mentioned above.

How will the award winners be announced?

With the received nominees, we will create a short list that will be reviewed by the Evaluation Panel (EP). The panel will select the award winners based on the level of impact that the volunteering or citizen activism act of the nominees had in their community.

The best volunteers and citizen activists will be announced during the Awards Ceremony on the International Volunteering Day, 5th of December.

The deadline for the nominations is on 27th of November 2017.